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Balik Beer Duo Pack

Balik Beer Duo Pack
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Just as Balik, our “classic”, this special beer has been brewed according to an old Russian porter recipe with brown malt, Russian kwas, hops and water from Balik's own source in Ebersol. It then matured during one year in old oak butts and received individual care up to its maturity. The Balik Beer is brewed and bottled in limited quantities at the brewery Locher at Appenzell. This brewery with over 125 years of expérience and family tradition stands for first class quality and natural taste. This very demanding procedure gives the Balik Beer its noble and characteristic sherry taste and an amber colouring. But this sparkling Balik Beer may reserve you some surprise. With 11% vol. of alcohol, it compares much more with a wine than with traditional beer. It has been created not simply as a common beverage, but to accompany harmoniously our Balik Salmon.

We recommend to drink Balik Beer cool, at a temperature of 12°C. Balik Beer should be stored in a dark place. When stored, the quality of the beer will improve over time, its taste becoming more and more harmonious.