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Love 2017 - Yves Saint Laurent

Love 2017 - Yves Saint Laurent
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Caviar House & Prunier invites you to share the new edition of the LOVE Collection caviar tins, inspired by one of the famous designer’s self-made greeting cards.

Since 1970, Yves Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer, made it a tradition of celebrating and sharing his love through the creation of his own greeting cards.
Following in the same spirit, Caviar House & Prunier has created its own tradition, releasing a special edition line of caviar annually, since 2007. This LOVE Collection is characterised by vintage-style tins, decorated with reeditions of Yves Saint Laurent’s famous cards.

Available in 125 g or 250 g tins all year round, LOVE 2017 is the ideal way to show your appreciation for those who hold a special place in your heart.

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